Maria Montessori Academy Give your child the opportunity of self-discovery, empowering each individual to become a creative problem solver, inventor and critical thinker.

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Greetings Parents,

Dr. Montessori saw that children held within them something wonderful, something so special that it could be the key to changing the world. She saw that they were inherently good and that, if allowed to develop freely, they felt connected to everything and were naturally caring to each other and the world around them.

Our Montessori School introduces children to the joy of learning by creating a happy, friendly atmosphere, which gives them the confidence, encouragement, and the enthusiasm necessary for high-level learning. The Montessori method arouses naturally the desire to learn and excel, and provides the stimulus for high academic standards, social compassion and physical development. The curriculum, while rigorous, is well balanced between academics, creative innovation activities and outdoor play under the guidance of experienced, trained, dedicated and loving professionals. Our school is an independent, licensed, non-sectarian school for Pre-School through Upper School. The school provides before and after care and a dynamic, rich summer program which runs for six weeks.

Please call to arrange a visit during the school year. No matter how much you have read or heard about our school, only by coming to observe and by becoming part of our environment will you be able to make a wise and as informed a decision as possible for the future growth of your most precious possession your child.

We urge you to give as much time in selecting a school for your child as you would selecting a house for your family to live and grow in. Please come and see us in action!

Kind Regards Always,
Mrs. Patricia Dellepiane, Headmistress

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